Ruth Bader Ginsburgh to miss oral arguments, but still vote

She's missing the oral arguments for health reasons, and working from her home while she "recovers" from cancer surgery, but plans to continue to vote on cases as usual. How does that work exactly? Surely an honest justice would simply recuse herself from voting in cases where she missed oral arguments? It would be only a few cases, after all, and there's nothing really big up for consideration...

... unless it's not going to be just a few cases. Ginsburg's health has been visibly failing for years. Given her demonstrated health issues, I already assume her clerks are writing her opinions for her and simply asking her to vote. There's no shame in retiring at the end of your career and enjoying some time off while you can.

There is shame in desperately trying to prop her up until a Democrat wins the White House.

UPDATE: Sources saying RBG resigns tomorrow.

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