On gun bans and background checks

Jazz Shaw at Hot AirThere’s no mention of an “assault rifle” ban to be seen, nor anything about extended magazines or any of the other usual talking points. Personally, I’ve never been quite as upset about background checks when compared to actual gun bans because ferreting out dangerous criminals who may be attempting to purchase a gun from an authorized outlet is actually a good thing.

This is, unfortunately, typical of the mildly pro-gun conservative types. They make vague pro-gun noises but don't know enough facts to shed light on anything. When people push for background checks these days, they don't mean background checks from authorized sources (licensed dealers). They mean to ban private sales by requiring individuals to get a background check at a dealer before selling or giving their own firearm to someone else. This is a policy which cannot be enforced at all; criminals will simply continue to trade in guns without conducting the mandatory background checks, because they know they cannot pass those checks. Worse, it's impossible to even try to enforce such a rule without a gun registry.

It's the gun registry that is the real goal here. Gun confiscation is impossible without a registration system. (It's also impossible with one, but that is a step too far for a liberal mind to grasp, apparently). Background checks laws are only a step towards that, and they poll well because no one ever explains why they can't possibly work and many people think the only background check policy that sort-of works (requiring them at dealers) is what they are being asked about. Once you explain the facts, those poll numbers drop.

That's why it's important to avoid confusing people further with language like this.

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