An artificial censor

CVampus ReformUC-Berkeley’s social science D-Lab is taking the initiative to create the hate index, which could be picked up by social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook and be used as a tool to identify and remove “hate speech” from their platforms, all using artificial intelligence.

Words that the article states are associated with hate speech” are “white,” “black,” “women,” “hate,” “Jew,” and even words such as “old,” “problem,” “country,” and more. Claudia von Vacano, executive director of the D-Lab, reiterated that it is important to distinguish between "hate speech" (speech directed at people of specific classes) and speech that is just offensive (speech directed at individuals without regard to any specific class), according to the article.

First off, if all the system does is scan for key words supposedly associated with hate speech as this article suggests, it's comically inept and will produce millions of false positives. Including this article discussing the system, which would probably be considered a feature rather than a bug.

But the censors who eventually may buy the system won't care. They don't want a system that suppresses hate speech. They want a system that swings elections.

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