DOJ investigating yet another process crime?

Washington TimesThe Justice Department is reportedly investigating allegations former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke lied to federal investigators.

Mr. Zinke, who left office Wednesday, is being investigated by the Justice Department’s public integrity section for possibly lying to the Interior’s inspector general investigators, The Washington Post reported Thursday.

The inspector general was looking into multiple inquiries regarding Mr. Zinke, including a land deal he entered into with the chairman of Halliburton, the department’s handling of a Connecticut casino project, and whether the boundaries for a national monument were redrawn to benefit a state lawmaker.

So at least there's some sort of criminal investigation predicate here. But...

Washington TimesIt was during the investigations that authorities became aware that Mr. Zinke may have lied to them, The Post reported.A spokesman for Mr. Zinke told The Post that the former Cabinet official voluntarily participated in the interviews for the probe looking into the Connecticut casino project and “to the best of his knowledge answered all questions truthfully.”

If there was criminal activity involved, why wasn't it charged instead of the lying charge? When will McCabe, Comey, Strzok, and all the other members of the Obama Spygate clown show be charged with lying -- not to mention abusing their positions to influence an election, spying on innocent people for political purposes, and then covering it up?

When do we get actual justice from the Justice Department?

I'm going to start checking weather reports from hell.

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