Democrat Chicago Alderman charged with extortion, firearms found

InstapunditBhachu also revealed that the FBI found 23 guns when agents raided Burke’s offices in November. As a condition of bond, he must surrender the firearms and any others he may own within 48 hours of his release. He’s also allowed to travel only within the Northern District of Illinois and to his lake house in Power Lake, Wis., while the case is pending.

Despite finding 23 firearms in his office, and Chicago's pretty draconian gun control, the story doesn't indicate he was actually charged with anything related ot the firearms. Outside of, you know, the extortion, which was probably related to his position in the legislature instead of a threat of force.

Chicago's laws probably have exceptions for their government officials doing stuff like this. But it's worth pointing out yet another case of a Democrat campaigning for gun control while personally owning quite a few guns.

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