A refresher on the Benghazi affair

Conservative TreehouseIn February of 2012 Asst. Secretary of State Andrew Shapiro admitted the State Department had been attempting to relocate and buy-back those weapons since August of 2011. However, on September 11th 2012, while those efforts were still ongoing, the attacks in Benghazi against the U.S. State Department Ambassador Chris Stevens took place, and four Americans were killed.

In 2014 the DOJ filed charges against Marc Turi essentially for non registered weapons shipments. Turi’s defense was that the weapons were unregistered because the State Department and the CIA needed covert cover. Elements within the CIA confirmed the basic outline for Turi’s assertion.

In 2015 Turi provided Fox News with documents and email exchanges he had with high-level members of Congress as well as military, and State Department employees to back up his claim that the Obama administration authorized in 2011, at the height of the Arab Spring, a covert weapons program that spun out of control.

Marc Turi’s legal defense team said if the DOJ was going to prosecute him for the arms shipments, his defense would necessarily reveal how Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was actually the driver of the entire program.

The DOJ tried to claim “national security” issues and keep the aspects relating to the U.S. State Department and Secretary Clinton under wraps during the pre-trial motions. However, in October of 2016 a federal judge ruled the defense was allowed to use the documented evidence Turi possessed to defend himself.

The case was slated to begin trial on November 8th, 2016; ironically the same day as the U.S. presidential election. As a direct consequence of the October ruling, the DOJ announced they were dropping all the charges. The motive was transparently to protect Hillary Clinton.

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The Clintons, the DOJ, the FBI, the State Department, and the Obama Administration in general have a lot to cover up related to their misdeeds. Trump's campaign rhetoric ("Lock her up!") exasperated that fear, leading to abuse of the intelligence and surveillance capabilities of the government to try to swing the election, and the creation of an "insurance policy" to challenge the results of the election and protect Hillary and Obama in the unexpected event Hillary lost.

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