A chilling effect at the University of Texas

Campus Reform"We allege that the University of Texas has four unconstitutional policies on the books," Neily told Carlson. "They have a verbal harassment policy, a campus climate response team, a bias response team, as you said, an acceptable use policy, which governs all internet and digital use on the campus, another residence hall manual, and all of those policies violate students' First and Fourteenth Amendment rights because students are terrified to express their opinions."

"So they don't know what they can be in trouble for. These policies are written so broad[ly] with such bizarre vague terms that students, out of an abundance of caution, just self-censor because they're terrified," Neily added.

“By failing to define highly subjective terms such as ‘offensive,’ ‘biased,’ ‘uncivil,’ and ‘rude,’ the University of Texas has given itself broad discretion to determine which speech – and whose speech – violates their policies," Neily said in a press release the day her organization filed the lawsuit. "Unfortunately, this fails to pass Constitutional muster.”

Universities are no longer places where free inquiry and debate are allowed.

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