How Mueller is neutering Huber and protecting the traitors

Basically, Rosenstein is insisting that Huber wait to conduct his investigation until Mueller completes his work as special counsel. Everyone who has to testify to Congress or talk to the IG/prosecutor (Horowitz and Huber) cites the Mueller investigation to avoid answering anything not already revealed. Rosenstein promised Trump that Horowitz would get to see the full documents -- but didn't promise him when. ("When" is when Trump is out of office, presumably). This bullshit game will last as long as Trump believes Rosenstein is dealing with him honestly and the new acting AG William Barr doesn't take steps to fix the situation.

That's what Conservative Treehouse thinks is going on, anyway. I tend to agree. We won't see anything useful from Horowitz or Huber until Mueller is out of the way, and we won't see Mueller out of the way until someone gets Rosenstein out of the supervisory role. Barr's appointment should do that. But Barr is an unknown quantity.

(No, I don't think treason is too strong a term for abusing intelligence agencies to try to influence a presidential election)

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