Buzzfeed got dossier from McCain, GCHQ involvement confirmed

So the libel lawsuits against Buzzfeed for publishing the dossier, despite the outcome, have brought some new information into public view. First, McCain's associate David Kramer gave the dossier to BuzzFeed. (Kramer claims they took pictures when he wasn't looking -- a paper-thin excuse). Other documents confirm that Steele gave the dossier to officials at GCHQ, the major British surveillance agency.

What does this tell us? Well, not much. We know McCain is a piece of shit who can be trusted only if the word is immediately followed by "to betray his party". That he's willing to leak documents to the press that are aimed at torpedoing his party's Presidential candidate is just another confirmation of that. But he's dead now, so it's hard to imagine any practical use for the information. (And isn't it curious how it stayed hidden until he died?)

As for GCHQ, we already knew they were involved, just not the details. This is one of the details that fills in the story a bit. It is claimed that Steele shared the dossier after the election, but we suspect British intel was involved before that (Steele himself is ex-Brit-intel, and many key events that took place before the election happened in England). Providing the dossier to GCHQ after the election would appear to be an escalation -- Hillary's attempt to cash in her insurance policy and challenge Trump's win.

It's an interesting thought experiment to wonder what Hillary and her allies were up to that made a literal coup attempt necessary if she lost to Trump.

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