Facebook gave NYTimes, others access to private messages

Daily CallerThe New York Times was one of the companies that had access to private user data from Facebook, a key point brushed over in a report released by the paper.

While the Tuesday bombshell focused on how the information from Facebook was mainly shared with major tech companies like Microsoft, Amazon and Spotify, The Times was one of nine media organizations that also obtained special access to things like a users’ friends lists.

Disclosing such information violated Facebook’s normal privacy rules and was meant to help companies better target consumers, while raising internal advertising revenues, according to the report.

There are so many, many failures here. The NYTimes failed to be careful what access it was requesting; Facebook failed to be limited in what access it was granting and failed to remove that access when the NYTimes closed their feature that used it.

And that's assuming that NYTimes is being honest. Wouldn't such unprecedented, privacy invasive access be a tremendous boon for a company eager to find and publish whatever dirt they can on politicians and other high-profile figures?

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