How Google will steal the next election

Ace of SpadesWhen he looked down a list of the first ten search results for Hillary Clinton, he noticed that all ten were biased in her favor. He said to the camera, approximately, "If I were doing this, I wouldn't have made all ten of the first results positive for Hillary. I would have been more subtle and included a couple of bad results so it wasn't so blatant."

He found that nearly everyone was influenced in favor of the candidate whose negative search results were suppressed, though not everyone who shifted in opinion towards Hillary Clinton would actually vote for her.

He estimated that the percentage of the population who could be swayed to actually change votes via this simple procedure -- which, I remind you, Google is already running on us -- is ten percent.

Few elections are even won by so much.

Google was doing this when Trump was elected. Add 10% to Trump's election totals and that reflects the real state of the nation's opinions (without Google's bias thrown in). And that wasn't enough for Big Tech -- so they are turning the bias up a notch for 2020.

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