Pittsburgh mayor calls for gun confiscation, bans

BreitbartPittsburgh Mayor William Peduto (D) is pushing firearm confiscation orders, bans on commonly-owned semiautomatic firearms and “high capacity” magazines.

Following the October 27 attack on the gun and security-free Tree of Life Synagogue, Peduto voiced opposition to hiring armed guards to protect congregants. Eleven innocents were killed when a gunman entered the synagogue and no one could shoot back.

Peduto’s solution is to create gun confiscation orders, ban commonly-owned semiautomatic firearms, and ban “high capacity” magazines and bump stocks.

This is insane. Why would criminals, bent on murder, follow any of these rules? The truth is, the purpose is not preventing mass murder and never has been. The purpose is a helpless population, unable to resist when the government openly violates the rights of the people and refuses to respect the results of elections.

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