Two shooters?

I haven't been following the Las Vegas shooting details closely, but the official story isn't adding up. This video suggests there were two shooters, one of which had an M240 machine gun (based on the rate of fire, 600RPM) firing a string of 94 shots in a single string of fire. AR-15s fire about 800RPM and sound very clearly different.

Yes, the sound on the various videos could be edited. It's not conclusive. But it is -- if the evidence wasn't tampered with -- strong support for the multiple-shooters idea, and counter-evidence for the use of AR-15s with bump fire stocks (exclusively, anyway).

I honestly don't have a good idea why someone would want to cover up the multiple-shooters angle. Well, I could speculate and come up with several possibilities; the problem is that I don't have evidence for any of them. What I do have is evidence that the official story doesn't explain, and in many cases, actually contradicts the official story. And, increasingly, thanks to SpyGate, I have evidence that the government and the FBI are not worthy of blind trust.

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