Clinton answers to Judicial Watch on her email system

Judicial WatchSubject to and without waiving the forgoing objections, Secretary Clinton answers as follows: As Secretary Clinton prepared in late 2008/early 2009 to serve as Secretary of State, she was aware that President Clinton’s office had set up an e-mail system, but she had no role in this process. Secretary Clinton knew that President Clinton’s staff had recently upgraded that system. Secretary Clinton does not know what equipment that system used, how it was created, who decided that the system needed to be upgraded, or who else had accounts on the system. Secretary Clinton believes that one of the President’s aides, Justin Cooper, set up the system. Secretary Clinton decided to use a account on the system for the purpose of convenience. Secretary Clinton recalls that the account was created in early 2009. Although Secretary Clinton does not have specific knowledge of the details of the creation of the account, the “domain,” or the “domain name,” her best understanding is that Mr. Cooper set it up.

She's claimed to have used it for "the purpose of convenience" before, which (considering it gets to her state of mind) might be hard to disprove. But there are likely to be some emails buried within the system (hers, State Dept's, or both) with people asking her about why she is using it instead of a normal account. We've seen some, and how brutally she shut down those questions.

A determined prosecutor should be able to leverage her attorney's obvious-in-hindsight lie about 90 to 95 percent of her emails being in the State's system (via her writing to people at State) to get her attorneys to flip. If they really want to. I doubt anyone at DOJ really wants to.

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