Mueller refuses to turn over original interview notes for Flynn?

Note that Mueller is defying a court order on this. He was ordered to turn over the original 302 (FBI term for interview notes) and instead turned over a 302 of Peter Strzok being interviewed about the Flynn interview. We must see the original Flynn 302 likely written by Pientka.

Also -- the 302 on which they are basing the whole Flynn prosecution is an interview of Strzok after Lisa Page was fired and days before Strzok was fired. They were fired because the texts revealing their bias came out. Those texts came out at the same time. Therefore, Mueller know Strzok was compromised when he conducted this interview, and I can only assume Mueller kept Strzok on for a few more days solely or primarily to conduct this interview which he then used to charge Flynn. Why else keep him on for a few more days?

It seems the judge has noticed Flynn is being railroaded and hopefully is going to get the facts. I hope he does get them and throws out the charges. Better justice delayed than justice denied.

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