Finally, a Russian! Sort of, anyway...

Someone finally found a Russian willing to plead guilty to collusion in trying to influence an election. It wasn't Mueller, and she wasn't colluding with Trump. According to her plea, she was "colluding" by shacking up with an older man (he's 50, she's 30) while in the United States. She was supposed to -- again, according to the plea, which should be taken with a large helping of salt -- "develop and exploit" relationships with politically influential figures and organizations, including the National Rifle Association. Her role in this "conspiracy" appears to be attending an annual NRA meeting and talked to people there, including unnamed politicians.

Russia denies she was an agent, of course, which probably has no evidentiary value either way. And she's been in jail for 6 months already, after originally pleading not guilty, so she's been under massive pressure to get this whole thing over with. As with Flynn, sometimes the process is the punishment, and eventually you plead guilty to get some kind of closure.

She's basically pleading guilty to not registering as a foreign agent, not to doing anything illegal while she was here.

I think there are substantial First Amendment issues with this charge, including this gag order issue, but of course pleading guilty gets around that.

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