A document that exonerates Flynn held by DIA?

Conservative TreehouseIn May of 2017 there was a document identified to a small number of people in the United States government. It’s in the possession of the Defense Intelligence Agency. For eighteen months there’s been an effort to resist declassifying that document; I know that that document contains extraordinary exculpatory information about General Flynn. I don’t believe the president has ever been told about the existence of this document. One lawmaker discovered it, but was thwarted by the Defense Intelligence Agency in his efforts to disclose it. I think we should all ask for that declassification; get that out; it may enlighten the judge; it will certainly enlighten the American public.”

I'm not really comfortable speculating on what that document might be, but if it is exculpatory, the judge needs to see it, and given the PR damaged caused by this whole situation, so does the public.

It is interesting that it is the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) that has the document.

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