Clinton Foundation legal issues heating up

John Solomon at The HillThat submission made with the IRS, and eventually provided to the Justice Department in Washington and to the FBI in Little Rock, Ark., alleges there is “probable cause” to believe the Clinton Foundation broke federal tax law and possibly owes millions of dollars in tax penalties. That submission and its supporting evidence will be one focus of a GOP-led congressional hearing Thursday in the House.

The foundation strongly denies any wrongdoing. But it acknowledges its own internal legal reviews in 2008 and 2011 cited employee concerns ranging from quid pro quo promises to donors, to improper commingling of personal and charity business.

Another of the issues the foundation’s own lawyers flagged: a culture of noncompliance.

It's noteworthy that this article comes from John Solomon, who has excellent sourcing inside law enforcement. You may know his name from his coverage of the SpyGate scandal. Another article describes Bill Clinton mixing business and personal expenses, and points out that the Foundation has been under investigation since 2016. There are also links to Huber, a prosecutor appointed by Sessions to look into some of the Clinton-related matters. Interestingly, both Huber and the tax analysis firm that turned over some of these documents are both in Utah.

Apparently, Trump's personal charity has also been under investigation, although it's not clear when that investigation started.

What we seem to have here is a political duel conducted using law enforcement as tools. I would not be at all surprised if both "charities" have legal and tax problems. For my part, I'm a lot more concerned about the spying and national security abuse, but using the FBI to target political enemies in general is a huge red flag.

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