Reason to believe the FBI 302s for the Flynn interview were altered?

We've heard before that the 302s from the Michael Flynn interview may have been altered. Power Line notices that the dates on the 302s were 7 months after the interview. That's strongly suggestive of alteration.

UPDATE: It turns out the 302s from seven months later were an interview of Strzok describing the interview of Flynn. The original 302s were filed under seal. (One marked draft, one not). The timeframe on the original 302s confirm that they were referred to by Strzok and Page in already released text messages discussing approval by McCabe. They are also redacted in significant portions, which makes it hard to evaluate Flynn's honesty closely without the matching transcript of the call.

Let's not forget that leaking the transcript of the call itself was a felony. No one seems to be looking into who leaked that.

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