Muslim "refugee" acquitted of sex crimes for cultural differences -- twice

One News NowA Muslim refugee from Bangladesh was acquitted of the rape of a high school girl – with a French court excusing the sexual attack due to the young man’s “different cultural norms.”

The young Islamic migrant was also charged with sexually assaulting another young girl, but his defense argued that he should not be held responsible because he could have misinterpreted his aggressive sexual contact with the girl due to his Muslim “cultural codes.”

I could understand -- not forgive or excuse, but understand -- using cultural differences as an excuse once. Twice on the same person means you should have learned the first time.

And frankly, I question the "cultural differences" excuse in substance as well as frequency. Muslim women are explicitly treated differently from foreign women in Muslim (and I think particularly Arab) culture. It's not just "oh this is how we treat women at home." It's more like "This is how we treat women we assume to be foreign whores because they are outdoors in public without wearing a full veil and bringing a protective escort."

These "Muslims" would be outraged if a "good Muslim woman" was treated the way they treat people they see as foreign whores.

Which should remind you that they don't see themselves as making a new home in Europe. They see themselves as conquering Europe.

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