About the Ukraine-Russia situation...

It would be accurate to call Russia's use of weapons to stop Ukrainian ships an act of war. However, it would be equally accurate to call it a provocation. I remember, some time ago, reading an article that pointed out that new Presidents are frequently tested by the less pleasant international actors shortly after taking office. Trump has been in office two years, and delivered some remarkable results by hard bargaining. Now he's lost the House in his recent election, and the international bad actors are wondering if Trump was bluffing and whether they should risk calling it.

The caravan trying to overrun our southern border is the same deal. Sure, it started out as an attempt at weaponizing empathy for the 2016 campaign. Now, it's become an effort to test Trump's resolve and determination. Will he offer a new bargain or double down? So far he seems to be doubling down on the caravan, which is probably the right move.

Is it the right move in the Ukraine?

I don't know. It depends on what the Russians do. I suspect even the Russians don't know what they are going to do.

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