I see an easy budget cut right here...

Free BeaconThe National Institutes of Health is spending over $600,000 to use GPS tracking on transgender women of color in New York City.

The study, being conducted by New York University, is tracking transwomen on and off for two years to "know the travel patterns" of transwomen to mobilize HIV prevention efforts.

This is not actual research. At best, it is marketing research -- the sort of thing conducted by companies that want to find out where to put ads, except they don't usually use GPS trackers or government funds to do it. At worst, it is a blatant subsidy for the people conducting the study. $600K is probably one "Woman's Studies" professor's salary, plus a few grad students, for two years. The grad students don't actually get paid, the money goes to the school for "tuition".

The real question is why a Trump administration is funding this sort of thing.

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