Odd indeed

The Future of CapitalismNow, maybe the Daily Mail, which broke the Porter story, got it all on its own, without any assistance from the FBI. Or maybe some FBI official or former official, either directly or through an intermediary, told a reporter to go try to talk to Porter's ex-wives, as the bureau's way of pushing back against the release of the Nunes memo. In essence, the FBI would have been sending the message to Trump, "okay, you want to air our dirty laundry in public, be careful, Mr. President, because we can play that game, too, and you will wind up getting burned."

It's just a theory. Maybe there's another explanation. But the timing is odd.

If the FBI is leaking the contents of their background check investigations to the press, it would be yet another violation of both the law and the expected norms of their agency. But not an unprecedented one. The Clintons (through subordinates) have abused the FBI in exactly this manner before.

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