American spies gave $100K to Russian in return for fabricated Trump data

The New York Times desperately spins the leaks from the left. They are trying to sell the idea that this payment -- the first of a $1 million deal -- was really to "recover" hacking tools for the NSA. But what they got for their $100K payment (!!!!!!!!) was a pile of data about Trump, which the New York Times itself describes as "unverified and possibly fabricated", including "bank records, emails, and purported Russian intelligence data". (Althouse quote in case the NYTimes tries to revise history).

The leakers say they cut off the deal because they didn't want to be seen buying make up dirt on the president. But, of course that's what they wanted. If you were about to spend $100K, wouldn't you check to make sure you were actually getting what you asked for before you paid? The Trump dirt is what they paid for, so it's what they got. The rest is a smokescreen, something they are using to try to distract from the facts.

In addition to the FBI spying on Trump using our national intelligence infrastructure, our own government and intelligence agencies (the Obama administration) colluded with the Russians to try to stop Trump from getting elected. They paid Russian spies for dirt on Trump.

It's hardly the first time the Democrats have colluded with Russia to try to meddle in a presidential election. Ted Kennedy tried to do it when Reagan was running for reelection. But this is the first time they used taxpayer money to buy fabricated opposition research from the Russians, at least as far as I know.

"Russian collusion" has been a massive case of psychological projection all along. The Democrats, both Obama and Hillary, have been the ones colluding with Russia to meddle in the presidential election.

UPDATE: CIA head Pompeo denies it, but are his subordinates telling him the truth?

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