Finally: we know who to blame for the emotional support pony on the airplane

PJMediaIf you’ve been following along here the last nine years, you might have correctly guessed that the utopians at the Obama Department of Justice carry a good deal of blame.

The Civil Rights Division under Eric Holder and now-DNC Chairman Tom Perez sued colleges and other entities to force them to allow emotional support animals like cats. Before the Obama administration, the Justice Department brought cases primarily to allow genuine service dogs, as federal law requires.

Holder and Perez did what the bureaucrats at DOJ wanted to do for years in the Bush administration and expand the reach of federal oversight – even without an act of Congress – to emotional support animals, including ferrets, horses, pigs, turkeys, anything.

I'm a cat person. I'll admit it. I like cats because cats will cheerfully survive with minimal human attention. Food, litter, occasional ear-scritches. And the ear-scritches are really just a bonus. Cats don't need to be walked at 3am or fed every day at the same time or stared down and taught to distinguish guests from burglars.

But you can't really train cats very effectively. I believe you can train a dog to be an actual emotional and medical support animal. Not a cat, or a pig, or a peacock, or a pony. Maybe a parrot. ("Polly wanna hugs!")

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