Rand Paul's budget speech

Patterico quoting Rand PaulToday the Senate will vote on a bill that will add $1.5 trillion to the debt over the next ten years. This is a large amount of money and something that we should be very wary of. This is in addition to what we were already running debt of, of nearly a trillion dollars. So we’re adding a couple extra hundred billion dollars a year to a budget and a country and a Congress that had already recklessly let spending get out of control.

The bill is nearly 700 pages. It was given to us at midnight last night, and I would venture to say no one has read the bill. No one can thoroughly digest a 700-page bill overnight, and I do think that it does things that we really, really ought to talk about, and how we should pay for them.

He's right. It's a bipartisan problem. Democrats don't want to cut spending for ideological reasons and (most) Republicans don't want to cut spending for... well, I don't know why not other than establishment fingers in government pies.

I'm not sure what we can do to fix this.

UPDATE: Neither is Instapundit.

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