New York legislation to require gun buyers to submit social media history

Washington TimesDemocratic lawmakers in New York state are pushing a bill that would require gun purchasers to turn over to the state their social-media profiles and search histories.

According to a report by WKBW, the ABC affiliate in Buffalo, the bill drafted by two Brooklyn lawmakers, state Sen. Kevin Parker and Borough President Eric Adams, is in committee in Albany.

These background checks, according to WKBW, would require submissions that could go back in a person’s Internet history up to three years.

“[The bill would violate] The first, the second amendment, the fifth amendment, the fourth amendment, and the 14th amendment,” gun-rights lawyer James Tresmond said.

What's actually happening here covers a few different things.

First, the Democrats now think that gun control wins elections. They ran on it (Parkland) and won the House. So now they will try to push some actual legislation. They'll trial-balloon it in states they control and see how it goes. If it passes, they'll try it nationally.

Second, I snipped out the quotes, but this is being sold as a "background check". Background checks poll well. Most non-gun-owners don't realize that every first sale of a firearm (ie, from a dealer) gets background checked by law, and many states have (unenforceable) laws that go well beyond that. So the people pushing this law are saying it's a background check and hoping that they can ride along on the polls about different policies. In other words, lying. Business as usual for gun control.

Third, this is the Democrats' answer to the failure of background checks in Parkland. They will describe it as background checks, and when people point out that background checks don't work, as indeed they failed in the Parkland case, the Democrats will say that these are new background checks intended to fix the failed background check system. Never mind that the failures in the background check system generally resolve around people not using the system to get people behaving violently and making threats onto the prohibited person list. They will point to Parkland and say he was making threatening social media comments. We will point to Parkland and say he was threatening people and had police called out to his home several dozen times and never got added.

Fourth... if this actually passes, no one will buy a gun in New York, ever. Given three years of social media access and search history too, anyone who applies will be disqualified by some perfectly innocent joke or search. Most people will be too terrified of letting the police dig through their history to even bother applying, even when they hadn't done anything wrong; Orwellian secret police digging through your past is everyone's nightmare unless you're a member of the secret police. And if anyone does bother applying, no one will actually read through their history; no one has time for that. They'll glance through it and find a reason to deny as fast as possible. If they can't find one quickly, they'll let it sit until the end of the maximum allowed time limit without responding, and what do you want to bet that "no response" is a denial?

The only good news is that it's a trial balloon. If it doesn't pass, they won't try it nationally.

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