Government blocking Paradise residents from returning

It's not really surprising that government would try to control re-entry to a disaster area in this basic manner. However, there are some indications that something more disturbing may be going on.

Butte County press releaseThe County is working with State and Federal partners who will assess each property for hazardous waste and remove those materials from each property. This process will take time.

There is no estimate as to how long it will take to assess and remove hazardous materials from each property at this time. After the property has been cleared of hazardous waste, the property owner can sign-up for a State debris removal program at no cost to the property owner.

My first read is that of course they will treat the presence of firearms as hazardous and ensure those firearms are "removed" (destroyed) before homeowners can return unsupervised. Of course the "controlled re-entry checkpoints" will check what people are removing on the way out, and probably confiscate firearms at that point too.

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