The Ivanka Email Kerfluffle

It seems retiring rooster Trey Gowdy has opened a Congressional investigation into Ivanka's use of personal email. He's giving entirely unnecessary bipartisan cover to Democrats in doing this, and he's doing it safely in the lame duck session when he plans to retire, so at literally no political cost.

I haven't looked into the details of this, and unless something big changes, I don't really plan to. My understanding is that Ivanka's use of personal email did not include classified material or a private server, did not last for an extended period of time (and in fact begin during the transition period when an official email might not be available), was cured for FOIA purposes by sending any relevant emails to her eventual official email, and, of course, Ivanka was not occupying a position such as SecState or communicating with the current President (as this was, again, during the transition period).

There's just no "there" there in this scandal. It's purely there as political cover for Hillary being ordered by a judge to personally answer questions about her own private server... because when she was asked those questions previously, she lied, and the judge is being nice and giving her an opportunity to try again before charging her with perjury. Or the last bit is how I read the situation anyway.

And why are the clintons so eager to distract attention from Hillary's email scandal? Because prosecutor John Huber has been asked to testify about his investigation into the Clinton Foundation on December 5th. We're going to see a lot of battlespace preparation in the next two weeks.

Now, the analysis at the link suggests that if Huber can testify about this, he can't actually be planning to indict anyone about it. That's a troubling angle. But even if no indictment results, it's likely to be embarrassing, and Clinton wants to run in 2020. So there will be attempts at distraction.

Gowdy should be ashamed of himself for this, but as a retiring politician, he has no shame.

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