Fundraising off of lies

Free BeaconSince the 2016 presidential election, crowdfunding sites have become a top fundraising destination for progressive activists forming the so-called resistance to President Donald Trump.

Online platforms such as CrowdJustice, GoFundMe, and CrowdPAC, among others, have drawn in millions for political activism and progressive causes. Funds have been raised for purposes as varied as supporting the federal bureaucrat who lost her job for flipping off Trump's motorcade to covering the security costs for Christine Blasey Ford, and even underwriting Stormy Daniels's legal bills.

Meanwhile, crowdfunding campaigns on the right are kicked off platforms and denied financial services based solely on membership in a disfavored poltiical party.

Free BeaconThese campaigns have garnered extensive media attention, especially as progressives have been eager to portray a growing citizenry rising in opposition to the president.

Such campaigns, however, have often proven to be anything but organic. In most cases, they are either established by or linked to individuals with longstanding ties to the progressive movement.

For instance, the GoFundMe campaign that raised nearly $210,000 for Blasey Ford's security costs during the Kavanaugh confirmation battle was established by Heidi Li Feldman, a Georgetown Law professor and self-described "philosopher." Feldman, who "is politically active in the effort to resist Donald Trump and those who enable him," is a left-leaning academic specializing in tort and civil rights law. She is a noted speaker on the progressive lecture circuit, traveling the country discussing gun control and female enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton, according to the Women's Media Center.

So linked to Hillary, check.

Free Beacon"But these heroes need our support. We don’t have private jets or big money donors. Instead, we have a people-powered movement to save our democracy," Barkan wrote on the campaign's page. "Chip in to support our campaign that has brought hundreds of heroes to Washington D.C. to protest the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh. Together we can save our democracy."

Barkan, who suffers from ALS, captured widespread attention last year for placing his opposition to the GOP's tax cut package and efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act within the context of his own health struggles. A former lawyer and activist with CPD, himself, Barkan was a top-dollar fundraiser and surrogate for Democratic candidates this election cycle.

So he can already fundraise effectively, despite claiming otherwise on his gofundme. Hillary certainly has private jets and big money donors. Barkan certainly has the latter, even if he isn't personally on the private jet level. And there's always George Soros, Bill Gates, and so on.

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