What if the Dems win the House?

PattericoAs long as Republicans keep the Senate, they will be able to confirm judges and block any bad legislation they want to block. (Whether they will want to is another question!) Other than tax cuts (if you believe that was good; I don’t), what good legislation has been passed under Republicans? Bueller? Bueller?

If they lose the House, they won't be able to pass any legislation. Some chance of good legislation is better than none. They also won't be able to continue investigating SpyGate, which frankly strikes me as the most important issue on the table, bar none. If our intelligence agencies can interfere with our elections to place their preferred candidates in the White House with impunity, our Republic is dead.

PattericoRepublicans warn that under Democrats there will be more investigation of Donald Trump. That strikes me as a feature rather than a bug.

There will be more investigation of Russian Collusion BS.

PattericoWe know, thanks to the New York Times, that he was a tax cheat in the past — a story that deserved a lot more coverage, frankly. It stands to reason that he still is.

I don't care. It's certainly not a political question for the House to look into, so this qualifies as a waste of time.

PattericoIt’s popular to pooh-pooh the notion that Trump is violating the Emoluments Clause, but a court case that accuses him of that Constitutional violation strikes me as not implausible, and is going to discovery. I’m not sure what the courts can do with that, but House Democrats may follow up with their own investigation if they take over the lower branch.

Running a business cannot possibly be a violation of the Emoluments Clause. Specific transactions might be, if they were excessive and tied to some foreign policy ask by the buyer, but that's a transaction by transaction thing that you would basically have to prosecute under the bribery statutes. It's not something you file a constitutional lawsuit over as a general matter.

Do you trust the Democrats to conduct a non-political, objective investigation into anything related to Trump? Do you trust the FBI to do so?

Seriously. Do you want to reward the tactics of this election cycle? Doubling down on Hitler, mobs chasing Senators and officials out of restaurants, migrant caravans storming the border? That is the Democrat Party you want to give control of the House to?

They need to go sit in the corner, out of power, until they calm down and stop throwing temper tantrums or advocating for socialism.

That's why your argument is wrong.

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