Ricin letter sender caught

Daily WireA Utah man has been charged with sending a series of letters threatening to unleash the deadly poison ricin to President Donald Trump, Secretary of Defense James Mattis and several other top administration officials, CNN reports.

The man, a Navy veteran, reportedly confessed to law enforcement that he sent envelopes stuffed with the threatening letters and "ground up castor beans" (which can be turned into ricin if the poison is extracted correctly) "to the president, FBI director, secretary of Defense and the chief of Naval Operations," according to the Salt Lake Tribune, but pleaded not guilty to "five counts of mailing threats to officers and employees of the US."

No mention of his political affiliation, but he has a long criminal record. I'm guessing his motivations are not political, because he is reportedly a Navy veteran and one of his targets was the SecDef and the Chief of Naval Operations. If anything, it's the last one who was likely the real target and the rest a political smokescreen to confuse things. Also, it seems like he intended to actually send poison but screwed up the manufacturing process.

The guy sent threatening letters to the governor of Utah in 2017. Let's lock him up a little longer this time, folks.

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