Criminal complaint about person of interest in Vegas shooting

David Hardy has the details. It's for manufacturing armor piercing bullets. Were they used in the attack?

Reading through the complaint, it's clear that the FBI thinks that is possible. They have unfired cartridges found in the room which they claim have fingerprints from the person of interest, with reloading toolmarks, and that those bullets were metallurgically classified as "armor piercing/incendiary bullets". (Both terms, and the slash, are direct quotes from the complaint; I assume they mean there were some of each, or possibly that they had both characteristics, as suggested later in the document).

There's an arrest warrant at the end of the complaint.

As far as I can tell, they think Haig, the person of interest, sold Paddock ammunition he claimed was armor piercing and/or incendiary ammunition. Paddock may or may not have used some of it. (Remember the shots fired at the fuel tanks? Maybe he was trying to use it for that). They don't seem to think, based on the complaint, that Haig was actually there with Paddock. The complaint doesn't say anything about the various email addresses we have seen referenced before, either. Those may or may not be connected to Haig.

Reading between the lines, Haig was apparently filling out an application to become an FFL when the police searched his home. Based on that, I'm guessing he was making some money reloading and selling ammunition, possibly crossed some lines regarding what types of ammunition he was allowed to sell, and wanted to do his best to get things right in a hurry once he was being investigated because of the Paddock shooting. There could be a lot more than that to it, but that's my initial read. Grey-market guy and a lot of bad luck.

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