Welfare programs funding terrorism

Daily CallerThe Government Accountability Institute found that the Boston Marathon bombers conducted various forms of fraud, including through the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, or SNAP, program, which was formerly called food stamps. Others have committed similar fraud in a scheme GAI called “welfare jihad,” where taxpayer money is used to fund domestic and international attacks.

The Boston bombers, who took $100,000 in public assistance, including through subsidized housing, food and welfare, read an English-language al-Qaeda magazine that taught them how to make their bomb, and encouraged readers to “steal money from disbelievers … as a form of jihad,” GAI reported.

Ali Ugas Mohamud of Arlington, Texas, ran a store that stole $1.4 million in food stamp funds, GAI reported. Mohamud would purchase food stamps and would wire his profits to Somalia. He was sentenced to nearly five years in prison in 2013.

A grocery store owner in Chicago was imprisoned in 2006 for stealing $1.4 million through food stamp fraud and aiding the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

In 2010, two Somali store owners in Michigan pleaded guilty to food stamp fraud and running an unlicensed money transfer business that sent money to “hot spots” in the Middle East and Africa.

In Indianapolis, a ring of convenience stores bought food stamps from customers for 50 cents on the dollar. The ringleader was arrested on a return flight from Yemen, and prosecutors suspected possible terror links.

When the FBI tracked down 10 clients who were sending these sums of cash out of the U.S., every single one of them was drawing welfare benefits from the U.S.

“Every one of them,” the FBI agent said. “Straight up fraud.”

In Dayton, Ohio, a grocery store owner was charged with money laundering and nearly $4 million in SNAP fraud in 2012. The store owner sold people weapons and ammunition in exchange for government benefits

A famous communist once said that capitalists would sell you the rope with which to hang them.

In America, apparently, we're willing to front you the money to buy the rope, too.

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