BOMBSHELL: Papa says Mifsud working for FBI, CIA

Papadopoulos is now saying openly what has been strongly suspected for a while. Mifsud was working for western intelligence when he met with Papadopoulus. This destroys the whole narrative about Russian collusion, and reveals that the whole thing was a setup all along.

Real Clear Investigations"The obstruction trap was built into the special counsel," a congressional investigator told RCI, speaking, like the two other sources in this article, only on condition of anonymity. “If Trump fires Mueller, or Rosenstein, or declassifies documents [embarrassing to the FBI] it’s likely to bring an obstruction charge.”

And that would mean double jeopardy for Trump. “Obstruction is the instrument the Democrats are likely to use to impeach Trump if they win the House,” said the congressional source.

The upshot is that the president will likely hold off on declassification, at least until after the midterms in November, and congressional investigators are likely to be stymied, at least for now, in their quest to expose what they call Obama-era surveillance abuses.

The Mueller probe is being used to shield the FBI and intel agencies from the consequences of Spygate. It's a "continuing investigation" so they can't tell Congress about it. It's a special counsel so neither Trump nor his appointees can control it. And if Trump tries to control it, it's obstruction and will lead directly to impeachment.

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