Arrest in the fake election bomb case

The bombs are fake, not the election. (Very few) details here.

UPDATE: More details here. The name of the alleged bomber is Cesar Sayoc Jr, and he apparently lived in a van covered with pro-Trump stickers. This gives us three possibilities.

  1. He knew he would be caught, and wanted to get caught, and the van is part of the plan

  2. He really is a Trump supporter and/or lunatic; living in a van covered in political stickers does not suggest mental stability

  3. They got the wrong guy (accidentally or on purpose)

Points in favor of the third option are that they found him really fast for a guy with no fixed address living in a van, reportedly already had him under surveillance, and odds of a guy named Cesar supporting Trump are low (but not absurdly low; I think about 30%?). Points against are that they supposedly have both fingerprints and DNA evidence.

I hope they got the right guy.

UPDATE: Crazy is looking more likely. A Filipino with a history of (non-political) bomb threats and other violent crime, pretending to be a Native American, who has worked as a male stripper. His mom, a Democrat, says he suffers from mental illness.

That said, this is Broward County. You may remember them from the Parkland shooting. Their local police do not inspire confidence in either their competence or their commitment to justice. And I still don't get why anyone, crazy or not, would send "bombs" that won't actually blow up unless they expected to get caught.

On the one hand he has a conviction for bomb threats. But those ... well, read the link. He didn't mail bombs to anyone, he talked tough and made vague bomb threats while disputing a bill against a power company in 2002. That would be on his police record and show up if someone was doing record searches looking for a patsy to blame.

If this guy is the guy who sent the fake bombs, it wouldn't surprise me if he had someone "helping" him like the FBI has been known to "help" people who want to be terrorists. Usually the FBI steps in before bombs get mailed, but it sure would be useful to the Democrats this election if they didn't.

PJMediaWray: "We're still trying to determine if the devices were functional... They did contain energetic material, which, if subjected to the right combination of heat or shock or friction could be dangerous to the public. "

The ones we have seen pictured were wired to electrical timers. That's not heat, shock, or friction. I remain convinced they were not meant to go off.

UPDATE: If the man was arrested in Florida, how were some of the packages hand delivered? I was wondering this myself. Lots we don't know yet I would think.

UPDATE: Why yes, I have noticed the media covering this differently than they covered the Bernie supporter who shot up a Republican baseball practice.

UPDATE: Devices are incendiary, not explosive, meaning they burn if ignited. Like pretty much any finely powdered material.

UPDATE: Some things still don't make sense about this.

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