Why does it matter which side sent the fake bombs?

Roger SimonBut back to my opening paragraph. In a rational world, this does not matter. Certainly whoever is responsible for this heinous activity should be taken off the streets for life as soon possible for the protection of the public. But their identity and motivation mean very little ultimately. Quite simply, whatever "side" they're on or think they're on -- they're nuts.

In a giant country like ours, simple math tells us there always will be a percentage of truly aberrant individuals on all sides ready to act out. The politically correct thing to say is we should "cool our jets." But, in truth, even if the rhetoric dies down, even if Schumer and Pelosi find it in their hearts to forgive Donald Trump (not likely) or Donald promises to throw away his iPhone, forego Twitter, and invite Rosie O'Donnell to have her wedding free of charge at Mar-a-Lago, it will not change. Such disturbed people will always exist. The Unabomber pre-dated all the contemporary online noise. There's no way around this behavior unless we start controlling our DNA, not an appealing prospect, except perhaps to the late Margaret Sanger.

Under normal circumstances I might agree with this analysis. But we're looking at a political environment where, during the last election, we had literal riots on the streets instigated by one side, and government officials abusing intelligence and surveillance authority to influence the election. When those riots and abuses failed to win the election, the same side moved immediately to institute a coup by any means they could come up with, and failed again. Their tactics then shifted to more riots, another coup attempt in the form of a special counsel, resistance by government employees to duly elected officials exercising their ordinary legal authority, and then to literal mobs hounding their political opponents in restaurants, in elevators, even in their homes. And now, when all of the above appear to have failed and the GOP's Jobs Not Mobs message appears to be resonating, we have a veritable flood of fake attacks on left-wing political figures and financiers.

The key word there is fake.

Someone who was nuts wouldn't put together fake bombs. They would put together real ones. Maybe they wouldn't work as intended, but they would be real, and they would be intended to harm.

These? They were fake, they were intended to be discovered and publicized, and they were deliberately harmless. That makes them the product of a political actor seeking a political impact, not a lunatic trying to harm people because his brain doesn't work correctly.

That doesn't mean he's necessarily completely rational, but he's rational enough for this to be a political stunt rather than an actual murder attempt.

UPDATE: They arrested someone who seems pretty nuts.

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