Trump and his phones

The HillU.S. spy agencies have determined that Russia and China are eavesdropping on President Trump's personal phone calls in order to gain information that they can use to influence American policy, according to a New York Times report.

If true, and not BS to sway the elections, even leaking that this happens and that we know that is happens is a serious national security issue. And no, it's not "whistleblowing"; Trump isn't running for election this cycle. And I remember when Obama wouldn't give up his iPhone, and insisted that his presidential daily brief be delivered by a custom-built iPad app.

And don't forget that the NSA and FBI have also been evesdropping on Trump in exactly the same way since before the election. Why should he take their warnings about China more seriously?

The HillTrump has three iPhones, none of which are completely secure. Two of them have been made more secure by the National Security Agency, but the third iPhone is no different than any other personal cell phone, the Times reported.

Oh, so two of them have been secured? It's just the one that isn't? I rather imagine the President can tell the difference between those three phones, and when he should be using a SCIF instead. So how is this anything other than an unauthorized illegal leak of damaging national security information touching on the sources and methods the FBI is usually so keen to protect?

Look, I'm not saying this is necessarily a good decision by Trump, if it is even true, but leaking it to harm Trump does nothing to improve the situation.

But the real interesting question is: why now?

I think this is someone preparing the battleground for something we'll see later this week in an official document. Something like confirmation that Chinese hackers received every single email sent or received via Hillary Clinton's email server in real time. But that's just a guess.

Here's another guess. Rosenstein refused to testify to Congress as planned because he learned he was going to be asked about this, and delayed the testimony so he could leak this and other "preparations" ahead of time.

UPDATE: Trump's defense.

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