House Majority Leader's office vandalized

Daily CallerHouse Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s office in California was vandalized Monday, according to an Instagram post by the congressman.

McCarthy, whose local office is in Bakersfield, Calif., posted photos of the suspects and some of the damage. Two young men were caught on surveillance camera outside of the office, which had its window smashed in by a large boulder.

“Does anyone know these two guys? They threw a boulder thru our office window and took office equipment,” McCarthy wrote on his Instagram account.

I wonder if these people will ever be caught and publicly identified? Watergate was a "third rate burglary" until the President got involved in trying to cover it up; so will there be any connections to the Democrat party found here?

We'll probably never know, because the media doesn't like to ask those questions, never mind look for answers.

Meanwhile, a security guard at a Washington DC Fox affiliate had to shoot someone breaking into their studio.

Daily WireOne Fox News 5 anchor reported, “We have had a shooting here at the Fox 5 studios. This happened shortly after 3:00 this afternoon. What we are being told at this point is that there was somebody who was trying to get in to our front lobby, which is what you are seeing on your screen there right now. You can see the police tape that is up around the building, quite an active scene here, someone tried to get in from what we understand, was able to get through one door, we have a double set of doors, and tried to get into the building, but a security guard that is employed here was able to was able to fire off a shot."

It seems like there are incidents of political violence almost daily now. Some days are quiet and some days have multiple incidents to make up for the quiet. What I almost never see are incidents of political violence from the right directed at the left. Sometimes, briefly, the media tries to paint a mass shooter as being politically motivated from the right, but closer examination invariably (so far) has shown they were just nuts with incomprehensible political ideologies.

This seems like a significant escalation from the usual. Assuming it's not simply a false flag, someone prepared an explosive device and placed it in a location where it could be found by the target, which was presumably the left-wing billionaire George Soros himself (it was found in his mailbox). The employee who found it was suspicious and NYPD detonated the device.

We see so many fake hate crime incidents and so few real ones from the right that I seriously question whether the situation is as it appears to be.

But if it is, we're a lot closer to a domestic civil war than we were yesterday.

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