Second person of interest in Vegas shooting identified

Hot Air quoting New York TimesThe records also included another person of interest, Douglas Haig, whose name the judge ordered redacted. The Las Vegas Review-Journal used an unredacted copy and identified Mr. Haig.

Mr. Haig’s whereabouts was unknown and he could not be reached for comment.

A Douglas Haig in Mesa, Ariz., who is an engineer at Honeywell Aerospace, also operated a company called Specialized Military Ammunition, a limited liability corporation his wife opened in 2012. In October, Mr. Haig told Newsweek that he had been interviewed by agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. He said that he did know Mr. Paddock and had not sold ammunition “for a long time.” On Tuesday, a website for the company noted “We Will Be Closed Indefinitely. Check back to see if/when we are up and running again.”

I saw this at Captain's Journal last night, but didn't post it because I couldn't identify a reliable source. Now that the New York Times is publishing the name, I'll link to the Captain's Journal's claim (which they sourced from reddit, and which claims to source from LinkedIn) that the second person of interest had a DOD top secret clearance specializing in military ammunition.

I'm just following the breadcrumbs here, but if true, this is conspiracy-theory level stuff.

UPDATE: Worth noting that, according to the New York Times story, it's not known whether this person is being investigated. Supposedly at least one "person of interest" is still being investigated, but it might not be this person of interest. The other named person of interest is Paddock's girlfriend, who is supposedly not going to be charged.

UPDATE: An arrest warrant was issued for this POI on charges of selling "armor piercing and/or incendiary" ammunition to the shooter.

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