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Of Arms and the LawAn FFL has sent me a notice alleged to come from H&K (in Germany) saying that it has ceased supplying the domestic US market as of May 1, owing to some general BS, and asking the FFL to respond to a survey giving his location and how many various types of H&K arms he has sold (period of the sales not specified). The response is to be mailed to H&K at Str. 1, 78727 Oberdorf aN. The FFL enclosed an image of the alleged notice.

It sounds like BS to me, although I cannot figure out a motive.

If I had to guess, and assuming it was genuine, I would guess that lawyers have been nosing around H&K and found a judge willing to compel information disclosure like that. That sort of data sounds exactly like what a crusading lawyer would ask for in order to get around the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.

So the lawyer demands to know how many guns individual dealers are selling, and then will probably try to use a high number of evidence of negligent entrustment or something like it against the dealer.

The bit about not supplying the US market I have no idea.

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