About that media bias that doesn't exist...

The HillAlmost half the respondents in a new poll say President Trump is off to a “poor start” in office.

Forty five percent of Americans in an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released early Sunday said the president’s first 100 days in office have been “poor.” Fourteen percent said he’s off to a “great start” while 21 percent said it has been “good” and 19 percent said it was “fair.”

So let's put aside the massive, indeed unprecedented, arguably literally insane response from both the media and the Democrats (but I repeat myself) to Trump's electoral victory. Obviously such a temper tantrum will work up Democrat partisans and the media -- but I repeat myself again -- to a fever pitch of disapproval and disgust. That accounts for the 45% right there: they were stupid enough to vote for Hillary Clinton, so obviously they aren't happy.

What about the rest?

Well, 14% say "great" start, 21% say "good" start. That's 35%. That covers the portion of the Republican base that actually liked Trump. Add the 19% who said "fair" start and you get 54%.

The headline should be Majority of voters think Trump's doing fine. Or maybe Nearly all who supported Trump in election say it was right thing to do. (In Texas, that's called the "Dance with him who brung ya" rule).

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