How media bias works

The headline was: "Senators question Trump admin's alleged attempt to unmask Twitter account". The content of the article described an attempt by the Trump administration, through the legal process, to obtain the identity of a Twitter user who was claiming to be part of an "alternative" government agency. In other words, this was a legal attempt to identify an individual violating conditions of his employment at a government agency by (among other things) participating in political activity related to his government position.

When attention (and a lawsuit from Twitter) were brought to the matter, the request was dropped. All things considered, this was probably the right call.

But it is a long way from using intelligence agencies to spy on political opponents, which is what the term "unmasking" used in the headline refers to. The use of that incorrect term creates a false equivalence between the Obama administration's political spying and one idiot at DHS who sent a subpoena to Twitter.

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