FBI obtained FISA warrant on Trump ex-aide Carter Page

The HillThe FBI obtained a warrant to surveil former Donald Trump aide Carter Page last summer under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), according to a Tuesday Washington Post report.

The FBI and Justice Department demonstrated probable cause that Page is acting on behalf of a foreign state in order to be granted the warrant.
Page raised concern among foreign policy experts for publicly and effusively praising Russian President Vladimir Putin and criticizing U.S. foreign policy toward Russia. In July, Page traveled to Moscow to deliver a speech on the topic.

So it sounds like one person very loosely associated with the Trump campaign used his free speech rights in a manner the government decided it did not like after deciding that the Russians were going to be blamed for Hillary losing the election, and that was enough to obtain a wiretap on a US citizen that "incidentally" swept up intelligence information on a candidate for President which was then "unmasked" and carefully correlated for the perusal of the sitting President's staff, who then leaked it to the press.

This stinks to high heaven, even if Page actually is a Russian agent. So far, he hasn't been charged with that. Or anything else.

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