UK terrorist had ties to mosque

PJMediaThe Sunday Times has revealed that last month's Westminster terror killer, who murdered five and injured another forty-nine more victims, was a senior official at a known extremist hub, the Luton Islamic Centre.
It does not appear that the Luton Islamic Centre invested as much time confronting extremism and radicalization under its own roof as it did confronting anti-terror efforts outside of it. Further, based on the evidence provided by The Sunday Times, the mosque has been actively promoting extremism and radicalization.

Having multiple terrorists involved in leadership in the same mosque will undoubtedly raise the thorny issue of mosque surveillance. In the wake of recent terror attacks, both France and Germany have closed extremist mosques.

Islamic society uses mosques to export terror the way that foreign nations use embassies to export their intelligence gathering operations. The traditions of Western civilization regarding religion -- freedom of, peaceful tolerance of -- do not apply to Islam in its violent form. The sooner we recognize that and respond to it, the better off we will be in the end.

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