What did Obama know and when did he know it?

I'm going to put a couple markers down here.

There are a number of interesting dates that have been tossed around on this topic. One of them is that the surveillance/unmasking of Trump begin before he was the Republican nominee, roughly a year before the 2016 elections. That raises the question of whether other candidates in both party primaries were also targeted. I suspect they were. I don't see why Trump would be unique, and the Democrats certainly pulled out all the stops to force a Hillary nomination rather than a Bernie nomination.

But there has been another interesting date tossed around relating to when some of the rules for dissemination of the unmasked identities were changed. That date -- so far just a year -- is 2011. Why is 2011 significant?

Well, it's the year the Republicans formally took control of the House (after the 2010 elections). It's the year the IRS targeting began. It's the year before Obama's run for re-election.

The tricky part is that I've seen two dates for this rule change, one in 2011, one much more recently (after Trump won). I think this means there were actually two different rule changes, since we don't know the details of either one. Or possibly the 2011 rule change reference was a mistake.

But if, in fact, there was such a rule change regarding surveillance of US targets ("incidental" or not) then it is very suggestive about what Obama was doing during the 2012 election as well as the 2016 one.

I hope we still have records going back that far for the investigation.

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