What did Obama know and when did he know it?

The Daily Caller reports that Susan Rice ordered spy agencies to produce "detailed spreadsheets" of Trump and his transition team's contacts. Their sources say the conversations involved no illegal activity and that the results of the wiretaps were distributed to broadly to various high level political appointees. The reports go back at least a year before the 2016 election (when the political primaries were just starting in November 2015, presumably).

Unanswered questions: were other prominent primary candidates also spied on?

Ben Rhodes was also involved. You may remember him from his role in selling the Iran deal to the complacent press with blatant lies designed to create an echo chamber.

Also, Obama's Deputy Defense Secretary Evelyn Farkas is on record at MSNBC that she was urging officials to gather as much intelligence on Trump while Obama was still in office as possible.

Daily CallerMichael Doran, former NSC senior director, told TheDCNF Monday that “somebody blew a hole in the wall between national security secrets and partisan politics.” This “was a stream of information that was supposed to be hermetically sealed from politics and the Obama administration found a way to blow a hole in that wall.”

Doran charged that potential serious crimes were undertaken because “this is a leaking of signal intelligence.”

“That’s a felony,” he told TheDCNF. “And you can get 10 years for that. It is a tremendous abuse of the system. We’re not supposed to be monitoring American citizens. Bigger than the crime, is the breach of public trust.”

Waurishuk said he was most dismayed that “this is now using national intelligence assets and capabilities to spy on the elected, yet-to-be-seated president.”

“We’re looking at a potential constitutional crisis from the standpoint that we used an extremely strong capability that’s supposed to be used to safeguard and protect the country,” he said. “And we used it for political purposes by a sitting President. That takes on a new precedent.”

It is becoming increasingly clear that people need to go to jail for this.

UPDATE: Worth noting. The Daily Caller is using a named source not an anonymous one. Former US Attorney Joseph DiGenova.

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