Definitely playing hide the motivation

Irons in the Fire points to a claim by the UK police: "There is a possibility we will never understand why he did this" and wonders whether they are really this stupid or if they are trying to hide the motivation.

Obviously, they are trying to hide the motivation. The Mayor of London, presumably in charge of the Metropolitan Police who are conducting the investigation, is a Muslim and has strong incentives to hide any hints of his own religion being tied to this attack. And it appears that police who don't like the coverup are leaking evidence to the press:

Guardian It is continuing to look at whether Masood was prompted by online propaganda by Islamic State, which has claimed he was a “soldier”, or whether he had some other sense of grievance... Police are investigating media reports that Masood checked his encrypted messaging service WhatsApp – or even sent a message – just before the attack, which hinted at others being involved. The police statement confirming that he was a lone actor does not appear to support suggestions that he had been in touch with an accomplice.

So, yeah. ISIS claims him as a soldier. He had an encryption app on his phone and sent a message immediately before the attack. Police arrested 11 people after the attack (even if they subsequently released 8, that's a lot of people connected to an attack for a "lone attacker"). But the police can't add one and one to get two.

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