FBI Deputy Director investigating Hillary did not report $600K donation

Free BeaconAndrew McCabe, the deputy director of the Federal Bureau of Investigations who aided the investigation into Hillary Clinton's email server, did not report his wife Jill's salary or campaign donations in financial disclosure forms. The Washington Free Beacon reported on Nov. 7, 2016 that Hillary Clinton bundlers and Clinton ally Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe were major donors to Jill McCabe's Virginia state senate campaign.

By "major" they mean $600,000. That presents, at a minimum, the "appearance of impropriety" which is sufficient to require someone in the FBI to recuse themselves from a case. That this official did not do so, and in addition chose not to report the very substantial donations from someone he was investigating, is enough to prove to me he had something to hide. Hell, under the circumstances -- investigating a prominent politician in the middle of a presidential campaign -- I'd probably be willing to put those facts before a jury by themselves.

Now that this information is public, the ethics watchdogs at the DOJ should be putting together a case for bribery.

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