Can someone remind McConnel not to backstab his own president?

When the president proposes cutting liberal programs, you applaud and do your best to force those cuts through. Maybe some have to be bargained away, but you fight as hard as you can to keep them. You don't volunteer your opposition, especially not when your party controls all three branches. Even if you are going to ignore the White House budget and create your own (which is fine, though somewhat odd when your party controls all three branches), you don't call a press conference to say you think your own party's president is wrong. Especially on a policy where the President's position is closer to the party's platform than yours.

And you certainly don't use a Supreme Court nomination hearing as an opportunity to threaten a president of your own party with impeachment, like Senator Lyndsey Graham just did.

It really does look like it's Trump and the People versus the Uniparty and the Deep State.

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